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Toronto’s First Progressive Music Festival

December 16, 17, 2017 @ Rivoli

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Our mission


Highlight progressive music from Canada

It is 5/4 FEST mission to bring out unique Canadian bands to the spotlight

Foster diversity in our music community

5/4 FEST is dedicated to supporting diversity in music as well as representation: we welcome unique and diverse bands and artists

Help starting bands find an audience

We understand how difficult it is to start from ground up and we welcome young bands and experimental acts to apply and take part in our festival

5/4 FEST 2016

In the first edition of 5/4 FEST that ran on August 19 @ Hard Luck Bar and August 20 @ Lee’s Palace, we featured in total 8 local progressive rock and metal bands.

As a part of the festival, we have interviewed each band regarding their influences, inspirations and prog habits. You can read the interviews to your right.

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Half Past Four

What are your musical influences? Constantin: King Crimson, Jethro Tull, Gentle Giant, Frank Zappa, Yes, Genesis - Kyree: And a little bit of Kate Bush as well. Are you answering this for yourself, Costya, or for the entire band? Constantin: I'm answering for the...
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What are your musical influences? Peter: Rush, Genesis, and some neo-prog bands like IQ and Marillion. “Yes”, too. Denis: My influences are bands like Rush, Van Halen, Kiss, The Police to Frank Zappa. How often do you guys rehearse? Peter: Two times a week usually....
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What are your musical influences? We all have fairly eclectic tastes in music, but where we all have common ground is in the realm of prog rock/jazz rock. That could be anything from The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Chick Corea Electric Band, King Crimson, Yes, Frank Zappa,...
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What are your influences? John (bass): Each member of our band embodies a wide variety of musical genres, including progressive metal/rock, jazz, classical and extreme metal to name a few. Some of the bands that we are greatly fond of are Periphery, Tesseract, Haken...
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Maurizio Guarini Circle

How did you start your musical career and how did it develop over time? After a few years playing with several local rock bands, I started earnest in 1974 with my very first official tour. At that time I was playing jazz rock, but I had the chance to tour with a more...
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What are your influences? Generally speaking, King Crimson, as well as movie scores. Specifically, Dave takes a lot of his inspiration from jazz drummers, such as Buddy Rich, and Sandra is vocally influenced by Matthew Bellamy and Mike Patton. Actually, who are we...
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What are your influences? All six of us are influenced by different bands ranging from prog and classic rock, to jazz and blues to extreme metal. There are a lot of common threads, of course, such as Dream Theater, Opeth, Iron Maiden and more. What does progressive...
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