What are your influences?

Generally speaking, King Crimson, as well as movie scores. Specifically, Dave takes a lot of his inspiration from jazz drummers, such as Buddy Rich, and Sandra is vocally influenced by Matthew Bellamy and Mike Patton.

Actually, who are we kidding? We’re influenced by Limp Bizkit and ICP.

What does progressive music mean to you?

Progressive music as a concept means creative and experimental growth, with no limitations. Essentially meaning that “prog” can’t really be a genre in itself, simply because nothing should sound the same enough to group it in with anything else.

Most favourite instrument in your possession?

Dave is partial to his marching snare…

Most favourite song in your catalogue? (If you have a link plz link)

“Breakfast At Midnight”, off of our most recent EP, ‘The Great Culling’ –


 What is your favourite venue in the city to play at?

We’ve had both good and bad experiences with Toronto venues. For instance, The Opera House has great sound, but half of the security seem to be looking for a reason to fight, and don’t care if your gear is left in the rain. We kind of like a more intimate setting, though, so keep in mind that we’re available for house parties and bar mitzvahs.

What is your most memorable concert experience? (your own concert or one you attended)

3/4 of the band saw King Crimson last November, and that was probably the greatest show ever.

How do you see the future of your music career?

The music is really a stepping stone to world domination, which is why we’ve adopted the phrase “Mabachus World Order”.

Is there someone/something that inspires you outside the realm of music?

The ancient astronaut theory, and other socially unacceptable conversation topics.

What kind of themes do you like to explore in your lyrics?

Personally, I’m not a fan of lyrics. They’re often a last-minute thing, so I tend to sing about movies and tv shows, punctuated by real accounts of island cannibalism. Actually, our upcoming project is just me talking smack about one of Dave and Jeff’s previous vocalists. We at Mabachus like our prog beef.

What do you do right before going onstage?

Dave stretches and we all drink.

How often do you rehearse?

When the planets align.

What do you think of the Toronto prog scene? What could we do to make it better?

It could be a bit more diverse but it seems to be on the road to expansion. Montreal is known for it’s technical metal, so we’ll try our best to put Toronto on the progressive map. The scene could use more didgeridoo, though.

If more people listened to prog, how would it change the world in 10 years?

Well, the population would finally be under control because of a drastic increase in virgins. But like anything else that becomes popular, you lose a lot of the integrity and rawness that initially made the sound great. It’s better to be underground and talented, than overrated yet have nothing to contribute.

Sandra Yeomans from Mabachus was interview by Nico Mira, Organizer, Day 2